Welcome To Press People Rights Trust

These fearless inspiring and exemplary journalists too, at times, need to unload themselves of the burden, which they incessantly carry on their shoulders. This burden is to work like a journalist and act like an activist with a special objective to reform the system and make the common man’s voice reach the policy makers. Press People Rights Trust is an initiative to extend a helping hand to such journalists and support them in their relaxed as well as stressful times. The initiative is a humble effort of a few like-minded people, who believe in the power of news/information and who are concerned about the welfare of those who enrich and empower people not only by providing timely news/information, but also by giving us insights, perspectives and stories beyond the news.

It is an attempt to provide these courageous professionals with a platform for sharing – be it sharing of good and bad experiences, which they encounter while performing their duties or for discussing their professional woes. The platform aims to function as a forum to find solution to the problems the journalists face all across the world.

The aim is to create a ``Virtual Coffee House’’ for journalists – where, for a change, they can feel free to expose their vulnerable side without the fear of being judged and can also talk about their professional rights without being labelled as selfish. They can visit this ``Virtual Coffee House’’ any time round the clock at their own leisure, pour their hearts out with a surety of getting a patient hearing along with practical solutions and ways to sort their problems. So welcome, feel at home and let your hair down. ’’.Dr A.P.J Abdul Kalam, Former President of India.

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